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Wood Carving Statues   

An unique industry in Vietnam. All wooden statues are hand carved by brilliant artists. Each statue is unique. This is our strong product with great price and quality. You can use as decorations for your office, home or gift to friends as feng shui items. Price is absolutely factory direct.
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Wood Model Ships and Boats   

Beautiful wood model boats and ship models from Vietnam. We committed high quality materials with skilled artists in every piece to make a model boats. We have connection with factory in Vietnam, so you will have factory direct price completely.
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Thailand Clothing - T-shirts, Dresses, Jeans, Shorts, Baby Clothes   

Thai clothing is very popular in the world. They're famous because of their material making of products. We specialize in Thai T-shirts, Dresses, Jeans, Shorts, Baby Clothes and Police Body Size brand. Of course, we give you the wholesale price on every product.
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Thaialand Clothing, Jackets, Bodywear   

Police Body Size is a famous clothing brand in Thailand. They specialize in body size wear for men and women as t-shirts, underwears, belts, tank shirt. Never get rinsed. 100% cotton material will help you fit your body. Very comfortable product.
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Vietnamese Coffee Brands   

Vietnamese coffee is brewed using finely ground dark roast coffee. Different blends produce an array of tastes and finishes. Various coffee houses also have their own way of roasting coffee beans. We are providing famous brands as Trung Nguyen, Phuong Vy, G7, Highland, Weasel. Including coffee filter by vietnamese style!
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